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Your Popspel Event

How to make POPSPEL work for your organisation

Event organisers often ask us for advice on the best ways to make the most of a Pop/Gospel show at their church or venue. So we thought we’d give you some tips and share how some other church groups have planned their shows.







Ticket Sales

We advise that you make a charge for tickets for your Popspel event, however small. This is because, when people buy tickets they usually commit to attending and are less likely to find an excuse or reason not to come along. Experience has shown that organisers who decide against selling tickets and expect people to simply turn up are usually disappointed with the attendance.

Charging an entrance fee will also enable you to cost the event effectively and generally helps to raise funds for your church work. For example, at a recent church Popspel event it was decided to sell tickets for £6.00 each. They sold 175 tickets and after covering their costs, the church raised enough to donate £420.00 towards a nominated local homeless charity they supported.



Choosing A Date

When contacting us here at ‘Cliff…As If’ to book your own event it is best to have at least two possible dates in mind as the Pop/Gospel Show tours the UK all year round and is very popular. Once you have made the decision to host the show we recommend you contact us as soon as possible so you get the best choice of dates and give yourselves sufficient time to publicise your event. We recommend booking an event not less than 6 weeks in advance to ensure the best possible numbers.




Your Venue

Many organisers have asked for our advice on the most suitable type of venue for a Popspel event. In our opinion and experience, as the show is an outreach event, it is best to host it on the premises of the organising church where possible. However, in the past, some groups of churches have joined together to co-host this event and have used a local village hall or even a social club. It all depends on what facilities are available to you, but if you have any concerns about the suitability of your own venue, do get in touch and pick our brains!








This is a vital aspect in the success of your event. Ideally, advertising should commence from the day your group has made its plans to hold the show, even if the event is up to 12 months in advance. PR in local media, newsletters, fliers and posters are just some of the ways to keep the event in the public eye. ‘Cliff…As If’ will happily provide some 'blank' poster templates for you as well as an ‘email flyer’ that can be sent electronically with time & date details, just ask.

A note about describing the show...

If your Cliff..As If show is intended to be an outreach event to bring in some of the non-churchgoers in your area, it can work better to call it simply a concert rather than use spiritual or church language, such as the term pop gospel.


If in doubt, just ask us - we’d be happy to help!

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